Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Invasion of the Seals

To hear Dacia Grace cough you would think that our home had been invaded by a family of seals. Her spirits are good although she does not sound good. She wants to go to the park to play today! We decided to play hide and seek instead. I sent her upstairs to hide and then went to find her......she hid very well. I was surprised. I found her hiding in our walk in closet. After just two rounds of the game, she was ready to snuggle up.

I have the BEST husband! Yesterday Arthur stayed home from work in the morning so that I could attend the first meeting of the Moms' Bible Study that our church is holding in the month of April. What a blessing to me! The ladies who are teaching it are so encouraging. I hope that I will be able to attend next week.....Dacia Grace will need to be healthier for me to attend.


Anonymous said...

I'm all caught up on the blogs. Thanks for mentioning us. We enjoyed the visit and the snow. Sorry to hear that Dacia got sick.

BETHANY said...

Healthy! Healthy! You're family needs to get healthy!! Sorry the crud is sticking around, but glad Dacia Grace is acting chipper, despite a hacking cough.

The Biles said...

Hope you guys are doing well! Thinking of ya!