Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Arthur, Meagan and Dacia Grace

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Arthur, Meagan and Dacia Grace!
Happy Birthday to you!

Today marks the birthday of three people in our family!

Arthur turns 40 today!

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom November 2007

Cousin Meagan turns 13 today!

Beautiful Cousins
Simi Valley California December 2005
Dacia Grace is one and Meagan is 11!
Sorry Meagan, I don't have any current pictures of you!

Here are a couple of pictures of Dacia Grace celebrating at the library with her best friend Sammie! Her favorite place is the library so what a great place to celebrate with a friend! Special thanks to Tita Elaine for remembering her camera!

We will be celebrating her birthday on January 5th with a Princess Party! More pics to follow!

Monday, December 17, 2007

An Inquiring Mom Wants to Know

Today as I was driving down the road I heard Dacia Grace say, "I think that says Bank of the West." Odd.....we don't bank at the Bank of the West so how does she know that is what it says!?!

This afternoon I hear her singing.....I want a hippopatamus for lunch.......wait the song is I want a hippopatamus for Christmas not for lunch......what is she hearing!?

Makes a Mom wonder about the working of an almost three year old brain.......

Friday, December 14, 2007

Bear With Sesames

"Why does the bear like sesames, Mommy? What are they?"

That question gave me a good laugh and sent me to the blog to share with you!

I was singing the song Simple Bear Neccessities, Simple Bear Neccessities to Dacia Grace because I thought she would recognize the song.......she and Daddy watched the Jungle Book DVD last night. She did not recognize the song. Oh well!

Monday, December 10, 2007

We Love MOLES!

One of my favorite series of books to read to Dacia Grace is written and illustrated by Rosyln Schwartz. They are about two mole sisters and their many adventures. The illustrations are simple colored pencil sketches complete with simple "dialogue". The giggles that ensue from Dacia Grace are WONDERFUL!

This morning I heard Dacia Grace on the monitor....I knew she had gone to her room. I went to investigate. Oh how I wish that I had my camera! There she was kneeling by her bed looking at the book that we had read last night before bed. She was actually "reading" it to herself ... complete with the giggling! So precious!

We were looking on Google today to see what we could find out about The Mole Sister Series.....They are on TV! I was not able to find any of the clips on the internet but we sure would love to see if any of you out there who own a TV ever see The Mole Sisters, would you please record it and mail it our way. Dacia Grace would be ever so grateful to you!

Maybe one of these days I will borrow a video to record us reading one so that you can hear the precious giggles!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Let the Games Begin!

Games have been introduced to the Hom mind you, games have always been a part of Mommy and Daddy's life.....but now they are a part of the ENTIRE Hom family......That's right folks! Dacia Grace played her very first UNO game last night. She came very, very close to beating Mommy and Daddy but then Daddy came from behind and WON! She took the loss very well for an almost three year old. She thought it was great fun!

Added on Monday morning: Her first words this morning were, "Mommy, I want to play with your cards!" (Uno cards that is).

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Random Thoughts of a Caffeine Buzzed Insomniac

Okay.....had insomnia last night.......something good actually came from it......My desk is cleared off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I have no excuse for not scrapbooking or making cards....or whatever else needs to be done.....My desk is actually a drafting table bought for $10 at the local Goodwill outlet by my dear, dear hubby so that I would have somewhere to do my art that he could actually see me do them...... and be able to hang them up in our home......I have yet to produce anything. Hmmmmmm...that was about two years ago now....guess I need to remedy that.

All the Christmas decorations are still in boxes and still stacked in the front room but the tree, a Grand Fir this year, is still standing.........Joseph is decapitated! Sad but true.....I talked too long to a friend on the phone today...Dacia Grace decided that was a perfect time to play "I can fly" with my porcelain nativity set! She learned a valuable physics lesson of Newton's laws of gravity was proved once again in our home.....what goes up must come down.....with a LOUD thud! Joseph's head went flying off to hinterland! Phone conversation done! Time for some one on one Mommy time!

Off to do scale Mt Washmore! One day soon the movie will be coming to a theater near you....The Many Adventures of Mt. Washmore rated R for rarely accomplished!

Regarding The Golden Compass Movie

I do NOT in anyway support the viewing of The Golden Compass slated for theaters near you this month. I do think, however, that the following editorial posted on BreakPoint brings up some very valid points that need to be considered. I know that as Dacia Grace grows older I will be taking a very active role in reviewing her movie and book choices.

Should Parents be Concerned About The Golden Compass?
by Mark Earley

All of you have probably received the e-mail by now. A lot of Christians have, including many of us here at BreakPoint. One of my colleagues received it from five different people no less!
I am referring to the e-mail that is circulating about the upcoming fantasy film The Golden Compass, based on the book by Philip Pullman. It says that Pullman's fantasy trilogy is openly anti-Christian.

Unlike many other e-mails that get circulated, The Golden Compass e-mail is not a hoax, though, in fairness, there are some incorrect details. (For example, contrary to what the e-mail cites, Jesus is mentioned in the books, and the girl and the boy at the center of the story do not kill God, though they are present when a being calling himself God is killed. God is actually presented as completely unreal in The Golden Compass; there are only angelic beings who try to set themselves up as God and are defeated.)

But the part about Pullman hating the idea of God is completely accurate. He uses his stories to twist and distort familiar biblical accounts of creation, fall, and redemption, making heroes of those who rebel against religion, and having one of his "good" characters even say, "The Christian religion is a very powerful and convincing mistake." It's sort of a Da Vinci Code theme for kids.

But I suggest that we should do more than just read the e-mail and press "Forward." If we really want to be able to speak out against Pullman's ideas, we must know what we are talking about. That's why I mentioned the story details that might seem a bit trifling. Because when Christians start warning the culture about something dangerous, we often get a backlash. And it is worse if we are not prepared. If we just go out there and tell people, "This movie is about kids who kill God!" we just get a reputation as ill-informed scolds. Already that is starting to happen.

There are several ways you can prepare yourself to talk about Pullman's books and upcoming movies. You can pick the books up at the library and skim them. You can read a book called Dark Matter by Tony Watkins; although Watkins finds more to like in Pullman's books than we do at BreakPoint, he still does a good job of explaining the problems. You can visit our we have a number of articles, blog posts, and commentaries pointing out Pullman's spiritual and literary flaws.

I know of one school in Virginia, Immanuel Christian, that is considering having the older students discuss and evaluate the worldview of the books in their weekly book discussion group. This is a terrific idea. When the movie comes out and their friends head off to the theater with no clue about what kind of indoctrination they are going to undergo, kids who have discussed Pullman's worldview with Christian parents and educators will know what's going on. Then they can choose the good and reject the bad.

Of course, all of this takes time for parents and teachers who already have enough to do. There is no easy way around that. But it is worth the investment in the lives of our children. As parents, teachers, and leaders, we can and should do no less.

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