Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Too Precious To Forget!

Last night was a beautiful night for a walk with my dear daughter Dacia Grace and our dog, Tiaberry. The sky was a beautiful blue and the moon was just a sliver with the outline of the rest of the moon showing. The contrails in the sky were just dreamy. (Sorry no pictures.....just a word picture for you!) The temperature was beautiful.....not too cool not too warm....perfect short sleeve and skirt weather......

Dacia Grace pointing to the moon, "Is that God's finger, Mommy? Doesn't it look like He's drawing in the sky" as she points to the contrails.

Mommy responds, "It certainly is beautiful. Is that what it looks like to you?"

Dacia Grace in hushed wonder, "It DOES Mommy. His finger just for ME!"


Today as I was taking a few minutes to read.

"Mommy, what are you reading?"

"A book about God."

"What's it called?"

"The Pursuit of God"

"Oh, it's about God. Would you please read it to me, Mommy?"

"It's a little hard to understand."

"That's okay. It's about God. Just 'plain it to me. I want to read about God!"

How precious! What a wonderful reminder to continually teach Dacia Grace about the love and grace Jesus has for each of us. Yes, I did read it to her.

"My soul followeth hard after thee:
thy right hand upholdeth me. Psalm 63:8"

After a brief explanation she began dancing and singing, "I am dancing and He is holding me up along with the WHOLE PLANET and Tia!" This is what she sang as she went off to take a nap!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fire Safety Unit Quiz

Mommy: Dacia Grace, what does it mean when the smoke detector goes off in the house?

Dacia Grace with innocent smile: Mommy is burning something in the kitchen.

Mommy thinks and then poses the question another way as any good homeschooling mom would do: Well what should you do when you hear the smoke detector go off in the house?

Dacia Grace approaching the wall where the smoke detector hangs: Stand under it like this with a towel and wave it until the smoke detector goes off....oh and say a few words that you don't like me to say.

Yeah.....Good teaching Mommy! I think you may win the Mother of the Year Award yet!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Card Making 101

Course Description: Learn how to make 6 quick and easy postcards for your beloved aunties using stickers on hand. The more stickers the merrier the card!

Course Objective: Have fun and bless aunties with surprise postcards.

Course Expenditures: Standard USPS first class postage applies.