Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Hallmark Moment

Earlier this month, I attended a Mom's Bible study offered through my church. I was preparing to leave for the evening and was making sure that dinner would be ready for Arthur and Dacia Grace since I would be gone.

"Where are you going Mommy?"

"To a Mommy Bible study with other Moms."

"What are you going to do at the Bible study?"

"Learn how to be a better Mommy to you and a better wife to Daddy."

"You don't need to go Mommy! You are already the bestest Mommy in the world! You can't be any better!"

It was all I could do to keep the sobs inside! What a precious little encourager God has given me in Dacia Grace!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Hungry All the Time!

On Thanksgiving Day we loaded up the car and headed up to Mt. Hood to go play in the snow. On the way to Mt. Hood, the following conversation....quite shocking conversation occurred.

"Mommy, God put a baby in my tummy that is why I am hungry all the time!" Dacia Grace informed me.

It was all I could do to keep a straight face. Where does she come up with these things!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ten Year Anniversary!

WooHoo! Today is the ten year anniversary of the day that Arthur and I met and started dating...Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 1998! As most of you know, we met a Singles Thanksgiving Dinner hosted by Laura and Mike Joback. (They were not married at the time either although they were dating and may have been engaged.)

Ten years later is time for the truth to be revealed.....I had been very sick with walking pneumonia for a week so I was not planning on attending. BUT when I called Laura to explain the situation she informed me that the new guy Arthur Hung was going to attend. It was at that point that I determined that wild horses could not keep me away! They did not keep me away that day and they can't drag me away even now!

Well he did show up and to make the story even funnier....he was also sick with walking pneumonia that week!

We spent the day helping to prepare the dinner while enjoying one another's company and laughing. I know others were there that day....I may even be able to tell you who they are...but quite honestly I don't remember anything that they said! Ask me though what Arthur was wearing......a blue denim shirt with jeans.....he was HANDSOME!

After the dinner we washed dishes together (he willingly helped I might add). Then we went for a walk with a couple of others who showed up and Nora, Laura's little adorable rat terrier! The weather was unseasonably warm for St. Louis in late November allowing us to walk for a long time enjoying the evening and ... each other's company.

Later back at Laura's house, he asked for my phone number and the's wonderful history! I married the perfect man for me! Arthur is not perfect but I know that he is indeed the perfect husband for me and the perfect daddy for Dacia Grace!

I love you Arthur Gene Hom! You are the love of my life!

Monday, November 24, 2008


The other day we went to the mall to look around and happened upon shoe sale where I found some great new shoes....a really cute pair of pink running shoes called Bounce.

Arthur asked me, "Who makes Bounce?"

"Tigger!" Dacia Grace piped up incredulously.

Now my new pink running shoes are called Tigger shoes or Bounce shoes. We get a good laugh everytime I wear them.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Your Response and Participation Requested

Personally I have very strong political views but have always chosen to only share those views when questioned by an individual. I don't share my views randomly and liberally. This post is not so much about my political views as it is a call to action by Americans everywhere.

We as a country voted (or not) to elect Barack Obama as our next president. The Electoral College will be held on December 15, 2008. Most likely Barack Obama will be voted in has our next president HOWEVER, there is a problem with this election. Until the secret of his birth certificate can be fully explained, the Electoral College will be electing a man of questionable American citizenship.

Article 2, Section 1 of the United States Constitution requires that no one can be sworn into office as president of the United States without being a natural born citizen. Barack Obama has not proven his citizenship or provided a certified and legal copy of his complete birth certificate stating the name of the hospital where the live birth occurred and the delivery doctor as well.

What this means to the average American citizen is probably not very much on a day to day basis. BUT on a much broader and deeper level, this unresolved issue calls into question Barack Obama's character and his commitment to upholding the United States Constitution and the office of the President of the United States. It also calls into question the ability of the United States to abide by the parameters set forth in the Constitution.

Please read the following articles and sign the petition requesting the Electoral College and all election authorities to hold off on this historic vote until the question of Barack Obama's citizenship has been unraveled.

Article: Petition to see the Birth Certificate


Petition: Petition For Public Release of Barack Hussein Obama's Birth Certificate

Thank you for your response! Remember, regardless of your personal political views, this does effect you and your vote.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday's Weads

Princess books are not the only type of books that are loved in our home. Dacia Grace also devours the Cowboy Sam series One of the reasons that she enjoys this series is because of the horses that are part of the stories. I foresee horses being another one of her favorite subjects at some point in the future.

Cowboy Sam and his friends live in Texas (I believe) in the 30's or 40's. They brand cows, adopt a Skunk, corral horses, and track down cow rustlers. The stories and the vocabulary are engaging as well as the illustrations. Aimed primarily at boys, many girls are also interested because of their love for horses.

We "found" this series because I read these when I was in kindergarten. When I was single I found about ten of the books from the Cowboy Sam series and bought them hoping that one day I would be able to share them with my children. You can purchase these books now through

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday's Weads

I thought that it might be fun to share a little slice of Dacia Grace's passion for books. This passion was passed down to her by me and became quite evident when I found her at the ripe old age of nine months sitting with a stack of books taller than she and contentedly reading and studying each page. Unfortunately that photo will forever be etched in my memory bank and mine alone.

Librarians at the Tigard Library know her well as the little princess walking along behind her Mommy and reading a book as she walks. (She still wears her princess dresses to the library whenever possible.) The library is one of her favorite places to visit. (I probably should do a post on her favorites.) Dacia Grace would visit the library everyday if it were possible not that I am complaining mind you.

I have decided to share with you a few good "weads" on Wednesdays. These will give you a glimpse into her life and what she enjoys as well as give you some ideas of good books for the little princess in your life.

The Jellybeans and the Big Dance

The main character Emily loves to dance and is excited to attend her first dance class. Once there however she is dismayed to learn her classmates are as different as jellybeans and have very different interests than she does. Emily learns that differences can be overcome and friendships can be made that will triumph life's challenges. Not only is the story engaging but the illustrations are top notch.


Pinkalicious learns to stay true to her one likes and not to be swayed by peer pressure as the other girls in school all like black not pink. She also finds that staying true to herself brings new friends that see the special qualities of her and her favorite color.....PINK!

SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh: Some of the dialogue is changed when this story is read by Mommy and Daddy as we do censor the vocabulary and some themes that we deem inappropriate for Dacia Grace.

Fancy Nancy

In this the cornerstone of the Fancy Nancy series, Nancy and her less than fancy family is introduced as well as new vocabulary that is.....fancy. Nancy soon learns though that being fancy has its own drawbacks as she experiences embarrassment in public. Her family though is quick to surround her with love! A fun story to read and to study the illustrations. I do believe that Dacia Grace and I will be working on transforming her bedroom into a fancy bedroom! LOL!

Align Left

Little Ballet Star

This is the second story about Tilly a young ballerina. The setting for this story is Tilly's birthday adventure at The Sleeping Beauty ballet. Tilly is given a tour of the backstage as a present from her Aunt Gina, the prima ballerina, complete with a wonderful surprise! I won't give it away. But for any little girl, the surprise is indeed a dream come true! Once again the illustrations are fabulous!

I am sorry about the picture sizes being off. I was not able to save the pictures from Amazon in a uniform size!