Saturday, March 29, 2008


Can't find a picture to post for all of you who do not live in if I do I will come back an add it to the post.

The weather this week is CRAZY! Here it is Spring Break week - not that anyone here goes to school - but we enjoyed seeing Sandy, Howard and Samantha (Arthur's sister) who drove up from southern California to spend their Spring Break at Welches/Mt. Hood. We expected that THEYwould see some snow on the mountain especially if they went up to Timberline Lodge but.....snow in the valley....snow at OUR house.....CRAZY!

This morning I braved the COLD, COLD, COLD weather to go do a couple of errands while the rest of the family slept. Snow, rain, and sleet was the weather of the moment....not even du jour because it chances on a dime multiple times a day.....even more than it did growing up in St. Louis! Go figure!

Today's agenda includes keeping warm by the fireplace, making and enjoying chicken noodle soup (nature's antibiotic for one sick 3 year old and one sick 40 year old) and making some breadsticks!

On another note, Adobe Photoshop just recently announced they would be making a version of their software available online......I signed up so quick the computer almost fell off the desk! Here is the results from my first attempt. I am no expert by any means but am happy with the results.

Before....not the greatest composition but I still like it.

After.....the pop of color really accents the Bible thus supporting a great story.

To read more about the story see Treasures posted on February 1, 2008.


TheBoehme3 said...

Tell me about it...what is UP with this crazy weather? Yesterday I took Brett on a walk when the sun was shining, and suddenly we were trapped in a torrential hailstorm!! The little guy was safe and sound, all covered in his stroller (he actually slept through it), but I got some unwanted facial exfoliation! Ouch!

Oh Spring, Spring, wherefore art thou??

Stacey said...

Cute pictures. Good to know that Adobe has made their software available online. Can't wait to check it out! :)

Stacey Wilbur