Wednesday, October 31, 2007


It's a surprise! And what a surprise it will be! We were given three FREE tickets to Disney on Ice for tomorrow evening! Dacia Grace is going to be so excited! She really likes all things Disney Princess as well a figure skating. It is going to be so much fun seeing this through her eyes! What a blessing! Thank you God (and Tina) for this blessing!

On another note, please feel free to check out our picture album link on the right. I have a new account and have current pictures added to our album. If you want to comment on a particular photo, you will need a Yahoo account.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Cold Kiss

Today is a beautiful fall day! The blue skies are SO blue! The wind is blowing and is quite chilly. We have our windows open to air the house out a little.

I gave Dacia Grace a kiss on the cheek and her response was so cute.

"That's cold!"

"What is cold?"

"Right here," pointing to her cheek bwhere I had kissed her. "I need a cold kiss!"

Now what mommy would deny her sweet princess that request!

Monday, October 22, 2007

It's My Bumm!

What term for the part of the body that sits on the car seat has been an ongoing question in my mind.

"Butt" - Too yucky and not very feminine or ladylike.

"Booty" - Too worldly.

"Derriere" - Maybe but just not me. I did not do so well in college French! Why would I want to be reminded of that fact daily. Hmmmm. No!

"Bumm" - It works.

So that is term we have been using until lately......

Wanting to teach Dacia Grace a little of the Chinese language that Arthur grew up speaking at home, we have introduced words as appropriate.

"Uu-Uu" - Chinese for bumm.

Yesterday I told Dacia Grace to place her Uu-Uu in the car seat so that we could go home.

"It's no Uu-Uu! It's my bumm!!!!!!!!!!!!" was the loud protest that I received. Daddy and I chuckled pretty hard in response to her comment.

Will we continue to use this new terminology? You betch your pretty little Uu-Uu that we will!