Monday, February 15, 2010

One Year Ago.......

For me Valentine's weekend has traditionally been a time of reflecting back over the last year and looking forward to the coming year. Not the usual tradition but ours goes back to our dating years when Arthur very gently and lovingly helped me develop a plan to decrease my debt over the next three years. Rather than three years, I was able to pay that debt down in just a little over 18 months but that is a post for another time.

Last year Arthur challenged me to develop my abilities to cook without a recipe. WHAT!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?! was my internal response. I have to honestly say that it has been a fun challenge. It brought back my enjoyment of cooking. It unearthed a part of me that I did not know was there.....welll......I guess I did know it was there as I often talked to myself using the name LuLou and in my head called my creations LuLou's Creations. I only remember one bomb of a meal.....and really it was not a bomb. I learned that salmon does not go well with what I was just doesn't ..... Rather than see it as a bomb my dear husband challenged me to find a lesson in the "bomb". Every mistake in the kitchen and really in life can have a lesson if we are willing to look for it.

This year Arthur's challenge involves more than the kitchen. It involves LuLou's Creations. (Yes, I came up with a name, Honey). Not only does he want me to continue with my cooking endeavors in the kitchen, but he has challenged me to document the creations. This is to include a creative name for the food, the recipe written down as well as a photograph of the process and/or the final product. Some of this will take time and I don't even know whether anyone will be interested in what I have to say other than my dear sweet husband and my lovely daughter. But it is yet another way to (1) honor and respect the wonderful husband that God gave me; (2) to grow as an individual and (3) teach my daughter how to cook and keep a home.
So with that in mind, I am working on a few things.....yet to be revealed. But I can tell you that it will include recipes and pictures and maybe some other things. So if you are out there.....stay tuned.