Saturday, June 30, 2007

Welcome Home!!

Well, we have been in the new house officially for one week today! Thank you very much to the many people who came to help us...people we did not even know showed up to help!

The living and dining room, kitchen, family room and screened in porch are really starting to take shape. Our master suite is such a blessing. Just a very few boxes to unpack there. Dacia Grace's room and the extra bedroom have not been touched beyond what was done on moving day. Good friends made sure that Dacia Grace's new bed was set up before leaving. Dacia Grace has adjusted well to her big girl bed.

The garage is a totally different story! We will have to do some major downsizing to be able to walk through the garage!

We turnover the keys to the old house today. I am glad that to do that. I steam cleaned the carpets and mowed our lawn. That was a feat in and of itself. WHEW! So glad for the small front yard at the new place.

Sorry for the ramblings! I have to come to the library for a few more days to have computer access. We are still waiting on new computer hook ups at the new place.


VINAE said...

I'm so glad that you all are settling into your new house. "Eviction" really was a Godsend after all!

Laura Joback said...

Hey, girl! Glad you're in the new place! Hope you all are feeling better, too. We all have had the creeping crud at our your house, too. You know what I don't have? Your new address! I have a stack of letters on my countertop at home w/ new pictures of the boys to mail out, including one for you and Arthur...but I'm not sure where to send it! Can you leave me a message at home and let me know the locale of the new digs? Thinking of you! Laura Joback