Monday, June 18, 2007

The Fast and The Furious - Not So Much!

The packing is going on fast and furious.....okay not really so fast and furious! All of us are sick with a cold that has us really under the weather. Dacia Grace is feeling better and ready to get up and go. Arthur is the sickest! Me....well, I'm just in panic mode!

Arthur asked prayer for our health, stamina and well being. I am asking prayer that all will get packed by 10:00 AM on Saturday. Next week I need to come back into our current house and clean, clean, clean so that we will receive our deposit back in full.

Thanks for your support and prayers!


Anonymous said...

Hey, girl! The house is GORGEOUS! What a blessing for you and the fam! Loved reading the old posts about the funny "isms" that Dacia is keeping you in stiches with. Here's some from our corner lately:
-Isaac calls my podiatrist a "preposterous"
-In the car a piped up voice from the back seat: "Mommy, you're my best girl!"
-After vising Dad in the hospital: "It was funny to visit PawPaw at the hospital, Mommy! He was in a BIG BIG bed and was wearing a green dress!" (i.e.: hospital gown)
-When we're talking about who could help him at grocery store if we got seperated, he'll recite off: the lady at the checkout, the lady at the return desk, another mommy with children, and (of course) BACKPACK! (like that silly purple backpack from Dora would ever be at Schnucks to help him with anything other than providing sticky tape or a missing rung to a ladder--whatEVER!)
I am so glad to hear that the corner is turning on a new page in the Homs' lives--new home! That's so huge! Thanks for the pics and for the smiles today...I needed the lift! Laura J