Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dear Jesus, I pray Mommy, Amen!

Last night was a very low night for me. I have been packing everyday in order for the move and have been busy making lists and checking them twice of all the things that we need to do so that this move will go as smooth as possible. But last night the stress of everything just overwhelmed me.

On the way home from church I was driving and having trouble keeping my emotions in check when the following conversation occurred.

Dacia Grace asked, "Daddy, what is wrong with Mommy?"

Daddy replied, "Mommy has an owie and she is crying."

Dacia Grace responded, "Mommy okay?"

Daddy answered, "Mommy is okay but you can pray for her."

As we continued to have a conversation between us, I heard a tiny voice in the back seat.

"Dear Jesus, I pray Mommy, Amen! Dear Jesus, I pray Mommy, Amen!

My heart was so blessed as my precious little daughter prayed for me to have my owie healed by Jesus. A moment that will linger for many years to come.

"Thank you Lord, that you care enough to hear the prayer of a little girl. Thank you for her faith as it an encouragement to me."

Today is better. Yes, there are still boxes to pack, still lists to check, still moving party helpers to find. Yet somehow my little girl's prayer still rings in my heart and ears. Oh that I would have that kind of compassionate heart when I see another person hurting.


Anonymous said...

you do have the same compassionate heart! Much love, karen

we will be in Castle Rock all weekend. Talk to you when we get home.

Patti said...

That is so precious it brought tears to my eyes. Dacia has a sweet compassionate heart because Jesus created her that way but also because she has learned from you.
Love, Patti
We'll continue to pray for you.

Anonymous said...

Mary Lou & Arthur,

Thanks for your blog and photos and stories of Dacia Grace and both of you. I do enjoy hearing about your life.

We enjoyed spending some time with Skylar recently. She is a dear, too.

Aunt Erma