Thursday, June 7, 2007

'Rella, Tinker Bell and Snow White

Since we will be moving to a new home later this month, we have decided to transition Dacia Grace to a "big girl bed" otherwise known as a toddler bed. I searched and found a wonderful princess bed which comes with princess sheets as well.

We have really been talking this up with Dacia Grace who is getting more and more excited about it everyday. With very reverent tones she tells anyone who will listen that she is getting a "Rella, Tinker Bell and Snow White" bed.

Last night or should I say early this morning, 4:30 AM to be exact, she woke me up because she wanted to go sleep in her princess bed. I laughed. We have not even picked it up yet.
Thank you to Gramma Paula for picking it up as the location is on the east side.