Saturday, December 3, 2016

Day 3 - December Photo Project

In addition to the December Photo Project, I have been on a personal mission to do something with the family each day in the month of December that pulls us all together.  With it being Saturday, I asked the family to join me by going to the local high school for a craft bazaar.  While we had a good time together it fell rather flat.  We decided to head over to the local mall and walk around.  Oh the memories and fun that we had.  As we were leaving to go to dinner we passed by the Corner Bakery Cafe and was invited in by the manager for a dinner on the cafe.  It was the "training night" before the big opening next week.  What a wonderful evening that we had.  

Here Dacia is showing Dad how to play Color Switch.  Computer games/games online  are not our favorite thing but they are Dacia's.  We are stretching our comfort boundaries and embracing things that she likes.  In the process we are finding new things that we enjoy with her.  I love my sweet tween girl!  She adds so much life and fun to our lives.