Sunday, September 11, 2011

Baptism Service

Our church chooses to use a local river beach for its baptism services.  I so enjoy going.  A couple of the men will lead worship while those wanting to be baptized line up.  After a brief time of prayer with one pastor or deacon, the person heads into the river to be baptized by one of our pastors….usually Pastor Brett. 

On the way home from church today, Dacia Grace expressed her interest in being baptized today.  After a conversation with her, Arthur and I gave our whole hearted approval. 

We headed off to the river where we met our good friend Emily and her children, Kibi and J-den.  Dacia Grace was so excited to learn that Kibi had also decided to be baptized today.


Waiting in line with Daddy.


Happy for the others baptized.


Being prayed for by Pastor Brett right before being baptized.


Waiting in line for Kibi and Emily to be baptized.


What sweet faces!


Pastor James (children’s pastor), Pastor Brett (senior pastor), David Frost (college pastor) and Joey (Pastor Brett’s son).