Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oh Where Is My Chinois? Sniff, Sniff!

What is chinois you ask? A cone shaped food puree sieve used to make sauces and broths of all kinds (i.e. applesauce, tomato sauce, ketchup, fish broth, etc.) As I continue on in my endeavor to make things from scratch thus avoiding the long list of allergens that plague this family, I found out the mine is MIA! I have looked high and I have looked low. So sad. Not only was mine very useful but it also held many memories of making applesauce with my mom and my sister. Ahhhhh...... I guess I will have to add it to several other things that are MIA as well. Meanwhile I will make work on my 37 pounds of apples while reminiscing about Chinois!
If by some chance you have one of these collecting dust on your garage shelves and you would like to donate it to a lonely housewife, I would be so happy!