Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fanno Lodge Has Been Invaded!!!!!!!!!!!

By a bookworm! Dacia Grace is a true book worm and has been since she was about nine months old. She loves her books. A trip to the library is a weekly event. We live just 1/2 mile from our local library....this was one of the HUGE selling points when we bought our house last summer.

When I was a little girl every summer was filled with the local library's reading program. It was a much anticipated time for me. The summer between second and third grade I read over 150 biographies. I still remember reading those and enjoying my "quiet time" in the hot St. Louis afternoons reading in my room by a fan.

I knew that I wanted Dacia Grace to enjoy the summer reading program as well but thought that I would need to wait until she was able to read. Not so. They now have summer reading programs for even the littlest of "readers"...i.e. babies. The prize is a new free book. The parents or the child chose a goal for the summer and they read aloud to achieve the goal.

Well this year, I asked Dacia Grace how many books she would like to read. Her response was so unusual.....I want to read this many Mommy! as she held her hand up to above her head. YEP! She wants to read a stack of books that is as tall as she is! We actually have to wait until the end of the program or until her book stack reaches her height to find out just how many books that will entail. Currently we have read almost 60 books! For a 3 1/2 year old....that's a lot of books!

Currently her favorite book is Oops a Daisy by Claire Freedman. If you have not read the book, stop by the children's section of your local library to take a peak. It is quite cute!


Abby said...

How fun! I love doing the reading program with the girls. It is so good to instill a love of books when they are young! Good for you MaryLou!!

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog.

Hook Family said...

Even though I have a teenager, I should check the book out. Even the cover looks cute!