Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sponges and Batteries

For several days now Dacia Grace has been asking me to find batteries for her small pink flashlight. So today I searched until I found some. Coming in from the garage I congratulated myself "A teachable moment! Watch as I do this up good!"

I greeted Dacia Grace with batteries in hand. "Look!"

"You found batteries, Mommy!"

"Yes, I did! Will my flashlight work now?"

"First we need to see if the batteries have power or not," congratulating myself once again that I used the correct term for this "teachable moment".

Going to the table to sit down and try the batteries in her flashlight, I asked, "Dacia Grace, do you know where we get our power from?" Pondering if she was going to "get" this spiritual analogy.

Dacia Grace looked up at me with an incredulous smile, "Yes, Mommy! We get our power from JESUS!"

My bubble burst, I queried, "Where did you learn that?"

"Church school" she answered as if it was obvious!

Now church school for those of you who don't know is the kids program at Community Bible Study ( We attend on Wednesday morning. The lessons she is learning literally BLOWS MY MIND AWAY!

I was reminded once again that my child as well as others are just little sponges soaking up all of the spiritual truths that we will pour into them. Of course they are not discriminating sponges at the moment so we need to make sure that the spiritual truths that we are pouring into them are based on the Source of all Truth.....Jesus Christ!

I was also humbled by my prideful attitude that I had thought up the wonderful teachable moment and orchestrated it! Who am I? Lord forgive me for my pridefulness. You love Dacia Grace far more than I. You have loaned her to me to raise and teach about You! May I never lose track of that in the mirady of daily life!


BETHANY said...

It truly is amazing how much those little minds retain, isn't it?

The Biles said...

That sounds like an awesome Bible study. How COOL! Love it! And glad to see you posting a little bit more often. ;)