Monday, December 10, 2007

We Love MOLES!

One of my favorite series of books to read to Dacia Grace is written and illustrated by Rosyln Schwartz. They are about two mole sisters and their many adventures. The illustrations are simple colored pencil sketches complete with simple "dialogue". The giggles that ensue from Dacia Grace are WONDERFUL!

This morning I heard Dacia Grace on the monitor....I knew she had gone to her room. I went to investigate. Oh how I wish that I had my camera! There she was kneeling by her bed looking at the book that we had read last night before bed. She was actually "reading" it to herself ... complete with the giggling! So precious!

We were looking on Google today to see what we could find out about The Mole Sister Series.....They are on TV! I was not able to find any of the clips on the internet but we sure would love to see if any of you out there who own a TV ever see The Mole Sisters, would you please record it and mail it our way. Dacia Grace would be ever so grateful to you!

Maybe one of these days I will borrow a video to record us reading one so that you can hear the precious giggles!


Missycoe said...

Just tried to Tivo The Mole Sisters, but it doesn't look like any are scheduled in our are for any number of months coming, but we'll, put it on our Tivo wish list, so if it comes on we should get it! :)

GinnyBerry said...

How sweet! I've never heard of these books but I am going to find them and read them now! I am so glad that Dacia Grace is enjoying books! That is the first step to being a good reader. You are really giving her a good start in life.