Tuesday, September 4, 2007


There are many milestones that we as parents long to see our children reach. Each and every milestone is such a joy and we cannot imagine that there will ever be a greater milestone than the one that has just occurred.

Dacia Grace's Milestones in Review -

Double Birth Weight - Around four and a half months!
First Smile - Oh how long I waited for that one! Dacia Grace was almost five months old!
First Tooth - Around five or six months if I remember correctly!
First Taste of Solids - Peaches were NOT Dacia Grace's first choice but she certainly enjoys them now!
Rolling Over - Summer 2005
First Word - Nine months....yes, you read that correctly! For the record is was BA-BA! for her beloved baby doll
Crawling - Ten to eleven months
Walking - Thirteen months

Tonight I went into her room to hear Dacia Grace "reading" her Bible to her Daddy!

"God loves Daddy! God loves Mommy! God love Dacia Grace!"

"Yes, He does Dacia Grace!" Daddy replied.

"Daddy loves God. Mommy loves God. I love God!" Dacia Grace added.

This milestone is one that is so precious to me.....more than the rest it seems. All of the other milestones are needed in her physical, emotional and mental development which are important but.....this one! Well, it represents to me her spiritual development. The only development that has eternal value.

Please pray with us that we continue to lead Dacia Grace in the ways of the Lord and that she will soon understand the love that God has for her! Love that sent His only Son to die on a cross for the sins of the world....a world that would reject and kill Him! We so want her to know this love first hand since is the only love that is eternal!

Update to previous post.....This morning (Wednesday) I found her reading her Bible again......"I LOVE JESUS!"


Anonymous said...

Glory to God! May she continue to grow in His grace always and never forget how much she loves Him!

The Boskets