Sunday, September 2, 2012

First Fieldtrip of the Year

Daddy surprised Dacia Grace with a grip to the Oregon Zoo as the first field trip of the year. We packed a lunch and left early so that we could spend the entire day at the zoo. Upon arrival instead of going left like normal we went right. This allowed us to see many zoo animals in the morning that we would normally see in the late afternoon or not at all because they don't like the hot afternoon sun.

We were disappointed to miss the wolves and the meercats as the exhibits were no longer on display. But we sure enjoyed the African Crested Porcupines. But, they were not very cooperative about being photographed. ;) By the time we arrived home that day, we were "pooped puppies" as Dacia Grace says. We had so much fun that day!

Here is Amur Leopard enjoying the cool morning on its heated rock bed.  Also Dacia Grace tracking the footprints to the next exhibit.

The lorakeets were hungry this time!  First time ever we have been able to feed them or hold them!
They are beautiful!

WOW!  What a height difference between the gazelles and the giraffes!

A Turkey Vulture from the Birds of Prey Show

The Bald Eagle was close enough to my head when it flew over, that I had to duck
or get hit by the eagle's wings!

Up close and personal after the show!

A Barn Owl that just showed up one day at the Oregon Zoo.
It had an injured eye so the employees nursed it back to health;
now it is part of the Birds of Prey Show.

Leopard napping in the warm afternoon sun.

One of four baby elephants at the zoo.

Hunting for dinner in the hay.
Just moments before this orangutang had been swinging on the exhibit walls.

Three Banded Armadillo