Thursday, February 2, 2012

Our Preschool Curriculum of Choice

When Dacia Grace was preschool age we chose to begin homeschooling.  Many people have asked me what we used for our curriculum.  They want a  name of a book or a company that we used.

What we actually did was to sit down one night and came up with a list of truths that we wanted to instill in her.  The book learning was not important to us at this age but building a sure foundation was paramount. is the list......

God created you.
God created the world.
God loves you.
Jesus loves you.
God made me special.
The Bible is God's word.
Love is kind.
Children obey your parents.
God sent Jesus.
Jesus is God.
God can do anything.
God hears our prayers.
Thank you  Jesus for everything.
God is Good I can talk to God.
God protects us.
We are God's  helpers.
We worship God.

I integrated these values into our lives through creative play, free play, reading books and more books, listening to music of all genres, exploration walks in all types of weather, and playing with others.

We checked Bibles out from our local library and read through them.  This was a huge blessing because we don't need to own a copy of every toddler or preschool Bible.  But we sure enjoyed the ones from the library.  One of our favorites was the Read to Me Bible for Kids.


Leslie said...

I love this list!