Thursday, February 2, 2012

Midnight Musings With a Friend

Friend mentions something to the effect:  Hope I can make it when I home school the kids.

Me:  You will do great. You love them and that is the foundation of teaching them everything. If you hold their heart you can teach them. Yeah they can learn from a teacher they don't love but they can learn nothing from a teacher that they don't love AND respect.

Friend:  True.

Me:    Yeah, there will be days that you will question your sanity.
          When you will look longingly at that yellow bus as it drives through the neighborhood picking up kids and you are picking up the teacher's manual.
          When nothing....absolutely nothing....gets done that is supposed to get done and when everything goes wrong.
         There will be days when you have to go to them and wake them up at night to see forgiveness for being or doing (fill in the blank) so that YOU can go to sleep.
         There will be the days when they will look at you and say I love you!  Thanks for loving me when I am disobedient!
         When they will ask deep theological questions that are far beyond their years.
         When they make connections from one scripture to the next. When they will apply a scripture to a news event, an event at the library, park etc.
         Those are the days that you hold close to you heart.
         Those are the days that keep you going on the other days.

Friend: Thank you for the reminder. Yes, it is worth it. It is insanely, exhaustingly, worth it.

Homeschooling is hard. It tests you in ways that you will never imagine being tested.  It molds you. It softens you.


Homeschooling is fun.  It is the bonding glue between me and my sweet girl.  It is a privilege, joy and responsibility that I do not take lightly!  I would not trade one day of my life!  Thank you Arthur that because you walk closely with the Lord and work to provide for this family I am able to home school our daughter!  I love you!