Thursday, November 18, 2010

Love, Love, Love Our Library

When we moved into this house in June of 2007 we were excited to be so close to our local library.  (Our home is actually at the end of the walking trail that leads by the library cool is that!)  I knew that the library would be a great resource for us when we began home school.

We have been able to request rare children's books at no cost to us.  We have borrowed countless cd's of classical and jazz music.  Art books.  Craft books.  Cookbooks, etc.

Recently we have enjoyed some DVD's which are perfect for preschool through early elementary school.

Art appreciation:  a simple and straight forward introduction to Claude Monet and some of his most famous works. This DVD is part of a series Getting to Know which includes other masters.  The publisher also has a series on our presidents, composers, scientists and inventors.  We really enjoy these. 

According to Dacia Grace "the movie was Funny and taught you what Monet did." 

Science:  Finding science videos that are age appropriate and content appropriate has been somewhat difficult for us.  One Smart Cookie Productions has two videos that we have enjoyed:  Autumn and Winter and Spring and Summer.  These are the only two that I can recommend with confidence.  I like them because they offer the same material but taught at three different learning stages:  preschool, kindergarten and 1-3 grade.

Dacia Grace found the content to be introduced in a fun and playful manner.  She watched this several times.  Later when we went out for a walk I noticed that she had retained much of the information and was able to recall and apply it appropriately.


Kami said...

Thanks - I hope you keep posting stuff like this because I need some suggestions!!