Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Character Development: Compassion

After hearing about a sweet friend in the hospital for bladder reflux surgery, Dacia Grace immediately began to plan a gift basket for delivery.  Rummaging through the pantry for just the right items to fill the basket.  Carefully picking out the perfect peach that was sure to be the juiciest.  Arranging and rearranging the basket in the perfect order so that precious cargo would not be crushed.  What fun!  Waiting and waiting until it was time to leave!  Hoping and praying that her friend would be awake and not asleep from the pain medication.  Finally the joy of delivery!

What a blessing it was to Arthur's and to my heart as we watched the Holy Spirit working in her heart and watched her listen intently to His leading!   We are so blessed that the Lord saw fit to share this little sweetheart with us and allow us to train her in the ways of the Lord!