Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Book Basket

One of the things that My Father's World encourages is exposure to books other than textbooks as well as "silent reading".  Dacia Grace does not read on her own yet; however, she loves to read books by herself.  With each lesson/unit, I checkout books corresponding to that unit and provide them for her to read and for me to read aloud.  Here are some of her favorites from the "M"oon lesson.

Pebble Books published by Capstone Press provides simple science books that make the topics easy for her to understand.  We have read many books from this publisher and like all that we have read.

A great alternative to Good Night Moon  by Margaret Wise Brown is.........

More exposure to science, particularly to animal science is... 
She enjoyed" learning that there are animal shelters to help protect God's creation. 
These shelters described in the book help the animals return to the wild if possible."

Finally here is exposure to one of the classic children's poets, Robert Louis Stevenson.
This book has updated illustrations that Dacia Grace could really relate to and enjoy. 
The book not only held her attention but provided laughter and merriment.

More science in the form of a great story!  What great imagination! 
A conversation between the bear and the moon.

Dacia Grace specifically asked that I share these books on our blog.  She believes that other children will enjoy these books as much as she did!