Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday's Weads

I thought that it might be fun to share a little slice of Dacia Grace's passion for books. This passion was passed down to her by me and became quite evident when I found her at the ripe old age of nine months sitting with a stack of books taller than she and contentedly reading and studying each page. Unfortunately that photo will forever be etched in my memory bank and mine alone.

Librarians at the Tigard Library know her well as the little princess walking along behind her Mommy and reading a book as she walks. (She still wears her princess dresses to the library whenever possible.) The library is one of her favorite places to visit. (I probably should do a post on her favorites.) Dacia Grace would visit the library everyday if it were possible not that I am complaining mind you.

I have decided to share with you a few good "weads" on Wednesdays. These will give you a glimpse into her life and what she enjoys as well as give you some ideas of good books for the little princess in your life.

The Jellybeans and the Big Dance

The main character Emily loves to dance and is excited to attend her first dance class. Once there however she is dismayed to learn her classmates are as different as jellybeans and have very different interests than she does. Emily learns that differences can be overcome and friendships can be made that will triumph life's challenges. Not only is the story engaging but the illustrations are top notch.


Pinkalicious learns to stay true to her one likes and not to be swayed by peer pressure as the other girls in school all like black not pink. She also finds that staying true to herself brings new friends that see the special qualities of her and her favorite color.....PINK!

SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh: Some of the dialogue is changed when this story is read by Mommy and Daddy as we do censor the vocabulary and some themes that we deem inappropriate for Dacia Grace.

Fancy Nancy

In this the cornerstone of the Fancy Nancy series, Nancy and her less than fancy family is introduced as well as new vocabulary that is.....fancy. Nancy soon learns though that being fancy has its own drawbacks as she experiences embarrassment in public. Her family though is quick to surround her with love! A fun story to read and to study the illustrations. I do believe that Dacia Grace and I will be working on transforming her bedroom into a fancy bedroom! LOL!

Align Left

Little Ballet Star

This is the second story about Tilly a young ballerina. The setting for this story is Tilly's birthday adventure at The Sleeping Beauty ballet. Tilly is given a tour of the backstage as a present from her Aunt Gina, the prima ballerina, complete with a wonderful surprise! I won't give it away. But for any little girl, the surprise is indeed a dream come true! Once again the illustrations are fabulous!

I am sorry about the picture sizes being off. I was not able to save the pictures from Amazon in a uniform size!


naturalmotherhood said...

I want to share these books with my granddaughter! I might have to get back into going to our library here!

Her name is Emily and her favorite color is pink and the first two books you shared had those two things in them:)
Love this post, btw. I used to share the books Braxton was readin but haven't in a while so I'm going to try that again!

Abby said...

We love Fancy Nancy too! I will have to try the Purplicious...didn't know about that one. Dacia Grace would get along well at our house!!

Hook Family said...

Hannah loves books and so do I. It's so amazing to me that when I walk in a bookstore, I'm drawn to the book section - I guess for a fun, easy read. Yay that Dacia loves books! Way to go mom! :o)