Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ten Year Anniversary!

WooHoo! Today is the ten year anniversary of the day that Arthur and I met and started dating...Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 1998! As most of you know, we met a Singles Thanksgiving Dinner hosted by Laura and Mike Joback. (They were not married at the time either although they were dating and may have been engaged.)

Ten years later is time for the truth to be revealed.....I had been very sick with walking pneumonia for a week so I was not planning on attending. BUT when I called Laura to explain the situation she informed me that the new guy Arthur Hung was going to attend. It was at that point that I determined that wild horses could not keep me away! They did not keep me away that day and they can't drag me away even now!

Well he did show up and to make the story even funnier....he was also sick with walking pneumonia that week!

We spent the day helping to prepare the dinner while enjoying one another's company and laughing. I know others were there that day....I may even be able to tell you who they are...but quite honestly I don't remember anything that they said! Ask me though what Arthur was wearing......a blue denim shirt with jeans.....he was HANDSOME!

After the dinner we washed dishes together (he willingly helped I might add). Then we went for a walk with a couple of others who showed up and Nora, Laura's little adorable rat terrier! The weather was unseasonably warm for St. Louis in late November allowing us to walk for a long time enjoying the evening and ... each other's company.

Later back at Laura's house, he asked for my phone number and the's wonderful history! I married the perfect man for me! Arthur is not perfect but I know that he is indeed the perfect husband for me and the perfect daddy for Dacia Grace!

I love you Arthur Gene Hom! You are the love of my life!


BETHANY said...

That's cool!!