Monday, October 22, 2007

It's My Bumm!

What term for the part of the body that sits on the car seat has been an ongoing question in my mind.

"Butt" - Too yucky and not very feminine or ladylike.

"Booty" - Too worldly.

"Derriere" - Maybe but just not me. I did not do so well in college French! Why would I want to be reminded of that fact daily. Hmmmm. No!

"Bumm" - It works.

So that is term we have been using until lately......

Wanting to teach Dacia Grace a little of the Chinese language that Arthur grew up speaking at home, we have introduced words as appropriate.

"Uu-Uu" - Chinese for bumm.

Yesterday I told Dacia Grace to place her Uu-Uu in the car seat so that we could go home.

"It's no Uu-Uu! It's my bumm!!!!!!!!!!!!" was the loud protest that I received. Daddy and I chuckled pretty hard in response to her comment.

Will we continue to use this new terminology? You betch your pretty little Uu-Uu that we will!


VINAE said...

You have the cutest stories. I like the new layout, too. Where are the pics?