Sunday, May 13, 2007

I Am Special

This evening as I was getting ready to go out to dinner for Mother's Day, Dacia Grace found me in the bathroom.

"I am special, Mommy! God made me special!"

"You are special honey! There is no one exactly like you or like me!"

"Daddy is special too."

"Yes, Daddy is special"

"God made Daddy! God made Mommy! GOD MADE ME SPECIAL!"

While the conversation is very Veggie Tale-ish, it still warmed my heart. I think sometimes that I am not getting through to her about how wonderful and special the God is that we serve and that we love and then out of the blue will come a conversation like this.

Happy Mother's Day to each of you! I hope that it was special to all of you.


Jillian Weiss said...

I'm glad your posting again:) That is such a sweet story. You guys are obviously on the right track with Dacia Grace. Happy Mother's Day to you. We are so blessed to be moms! Talk to you soon,