Sunday, January 3, 2016

Keeping It Real!

I don't feel like I have any clue what I am doing homeschooling. I don't feel like I have any business homeschooling. I don't feel like I am doing a good job homeschooling. Matter of fact there are times, I know I am not doing a good job.

BUT GOD......... 

He is the one that has called Arthur and I to homeschool. 

BUT GOD.....

He is the one we have chosen to obey and submit to in all areas of our life. 

BUT GOD.......

Looks at the heart of man rather than the outward appearances. 

I can look at the outward appearances, the educational outcomes, the test results, etc. and see what man sees...


I can choose to look at the heart and see that I am leading a little girl down the path of young womanhood and see that today she loves God more than she did yesterday and more than she did last year. I can choose to see that God is at work in her life and in mine and in my husband's life. I can chose to look at the outward signs of success or I can look at the BUT GOD moments. 

I choose today to look at the BUT GOD moments. Will you look at them with me!?!

           Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet 
                      and a light unto my path.
                             Psalm 119:105