Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Prep Time

I am not sure where the summer has gone but I suddenly realized this morning that August is just around the corner.  Since August is just around the corner so is..........


Whether you home school like we do or send your kids to public or private school, there is a lot of prep work required.  Supplies must be inventoried and bought.  Clothes must be gone through and lists made for fall and winter clothes to be bought.

Currently I am working on making breakfasts easier.  When Arthur was growing up there was a breakfast rotation.  I am thinking about doing something like that here at Fanno Creek Lodge and Academy.

One of the websites that I have been looking at is Homemaking Organized.  There are many great suggestions on there for simple and easy homemaking tips.  Currently I have been looking at the 5 Quick  Breakfast Plans that are listed there.  I will have to do some adjusting since one of the recommendations is scrambled eggs.  Also suggested are smoothies.  We love smoothies but not in the cooler months of the year.

Here is a list of what I am initially going to begin with:

Monday: Smoothies
Tuesday: Granola
Wednesday: Eggs either scrambled or hard boiled  (this will work because quite often Arthur does not eat breakfast at home this morning)
Thursday: Yogurt and  Fruit
Friday:  Baked Oatmeal
Saturday:  Quesidallas
Sunday:  Cold cereal or leftover baked oatmeal

What are some of your favorite breakfast items?  Do you have a standing rotation during the school year?  How much do you prep the night before?


Julie said...

Hi! For breakfasts, we often do frozen pancakes and sausages. The Walmart brand of these are favorites in our house - and I like them because they are big bags and still cheap. I add a yogurt to these and we're set! Last weekend I made a double batch of waffles so that is what we're doing this week. (I also got too much oatmeal on sale, so I'm trying to work my way through that, but my girls won't touch it unless it's in cookie form.)

I also found two different plastic things at the grocery store - one is for microwave omelets and the other is for "poached eggs" in the microwave. Each of those take about 60-90 seconds to cook and work great.

Now dinners are my downfall. I am trying very hard to create a dinner menu schedule and actually keep to it.

Heidi V. said...

Let me try this comment thing again. :) We LOVE breakfast rotations. We tried it last year and it kept me organized and the kids had certain mornings they really looked forward to. I may tweak it this year, but here's what we did last year:

Sunday: Steamed Steel Cut Oats (cooked the overnight in the crockpot)

Monday: Oatmeal Scones (using leftover cooked oats) & eggs

Tuesday: Muffins & Cereal

Wednesday: Oatmeal or Granola

Thursday: French Toast, Yogurt

Friday: Eggs & Toast

Saturday: Pancakes, Eggs, Sausage