Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Answers to My Favorite Things Quiz

My apologies for taking so long to post the answers to Dacia Grace’s Half Birthday Celebration Quiz!

Life!  That is my explanation.  :)

So without further ado, here are the answers.

(1) What is her favorite color?

a) Red

b) Yellow

c) Orange

d) Purple

e) Pink

(2) What is her favorite vegetable?

a) Broccoli

b) Cauliflower (white broccoli)

c) Carrots

d) Brussels Sprouts

(3) What is her favorite fruit?

a) Blueberries

b) Strawberries

c) Apple

d) Pear

(4) What is her favorite thing to do on vacation:

a) Jump from bed to bed in the hotel room

b) Go swimming

c) Play cards

d) Ride on the bell carts driven by Daddy

(5) Who does she love most?

a) Mom and Dad

b) Jesus

c) Tia our dog

d) Baba

(6) What game does she like to play the most when traveling in a car a long time?

a) Fed-Ex – quickly identifying any Fed Ex car, truck, airplane, mailbox, etc.

b) Zip – quickly identifying any VW Bug

c) Eye-spy

d) 100 Questions – like 21 questions

(7) What is her favorite game to play at church:

a) Duck, Duck, Goose

b) Red Rover, Red Rover

c) Poop Deck

d) Tag

(8) What type of clothes are her favorite to wear?

a) Blue jeans and T-shirt

b) Blouses and flowing skirts

c) Fancy dresses that twirl

d) Shorts and button up shirts

(9) How does she like to be called?

a) Dacia Grace

b) Dacia

c) Daash

d) Hey You

(10) What does she like to do most any time:

a) Sing

b) Dance

c) Mope and complain that she is bored

d) Play with her dog

(11) Who is her favorite Bible character?

a) Esther

b) Ruth

c) Jesus

d) Mephibosheth

12) Who is her favorite princess?

a) Ariel from Little Mermaid

b) Belle from Beauty and the Beast

c) Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

d) Eloise from Veggie Tale’s The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything

e) All of the above as she likes all of the princesses and can’t choose just one.

13) What is her favorite dessert?

a) Cookies and milk

b) Ice cream

c) Brownies

d) Fruit

14) What is her favorite thing to watch on TV while on vacation:

a) The Food Network

b) The Cartoon Network

c) Sid, The Science Kid

d) Clifford, The Big Red Dog

(15) What is her favorite school subject?

a) Reading

b) Writing

c) Math

d) Science

(16) What is her all time favorite movie that she’s watched more than any other?

a) Dreamer about a girl, her race horse and her dad

b) The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything – a Veggie Tale Movie

c) Kit Kittridge – An American Girl Movie

d) Jonah and the big Fish – a Veggie Tale Movie

(17) What one talent is she very good at?

a) Solving jigsaw puzzles

b) Doing cartwheels

c) Folding napkins fancy

d) Cracking eggs in a bowl

(18)  What is her favorite wish for all of her family, friends and neighbors?

a) To smile and be happy

b) To obey their parents so they don’t get consequences

c) To grow up to be kind and nice to others

d) To know and love Jesus so they will go to heaven with her.