Sunday, May 9, 2010

Still Mother of the Year

Found this the other day. I have no picture of my mother to accompany this post.  The sentiments are as true today as they were the day that I wrote them. I love you, Mom!

I couldn't find a card for you this Mother's Day.  None of them seemed to say the right things.  So I decided to write you my own Mother's Day card.

To You, Mom with Love

Each year on Mother's Day
A mother is honored for being
The Mother of the Year.
And each year in my heart
You are crowned Mother of the Year.
Many things make up the reason
For crowning you mother of the Year.
Some may be the way you've sat
Beside me to comfort and advise me
In my time of need.
Or it might be the way you
Faithfully get up each school morning
To fix my breakfast and sack lunch
And then send me on my way to school.
There are still other reasons
Like the way you slowly let me go
My own way as I grow older
Even though it hurts you so very much
To let your baby girl grow up
And let her go out on her own
Into the waiting world
There are so many reason
Too numerous to mention
Though they are important too.
Remember that each and every year
You are crowned Mother of the Year to me.
               I love you.

To you with love,
From your daughter

penned May 8, 1982