Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fire Safety Unit Quiz

Mommy: Dacia Grace, what does it mean when the smoke detector goes off in the house?

Dacia Grace with innocent smile: Mommy is burning something in the kitchen.

Mommy thinks and then poses the question another way as any good homeschooling mom would do: Well what should you do when you hear the smoke detector go off in the house?

Dacia Grace approaching the wall where the smoke detector hangs: Stand under it like this with a towel and wave it until the smoke detector goes off....oh and say a few words that you don't like me to say.

Yeah.....Good teaching Mommy! I think you may win the Mother of the Year Award yet!


Vinae said...

LOL!! Maybe you should have asked, "What do you do when the smoke detector goes off and mommy isn't cooking?"

This is too funny. The things we unwittingly teach our kids.

BETHANY said...

:) Love it!

The Boggs Family said...

That is hilarious!! He he!

Brianne said...

hahaha! oh, thanks for that, Mary Lou!