Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wasp Stings, Trojans and Leaking Roof

What do all three of these random things have in common? Why would I be blogging about them? Well.........all three happened within the span of about 36 to 48 hours here at Fanno Lodge.

That's right folks! Tuesday started very bright and early with me out in the front yard taking advantage of the cooler weather to tame the Weed Dragon that had overtaken the flower beds. Arthur was up and out of the house for a busy day at work. (He is down an assistant at work so the work load has doubled and in some cases tripled.) Dacia Grace had come out to learn how to use the special garden tool for yanking out nasty dandelions by their roots. When all of a sudden, OUCH! and into the house I ran calling for Dacia Grace. She followed as I began to .... ahem .... divest myself of my pants for you see the dang wasp had gotten trapped in my pants from the pant leg. As I began to inspect the pants to see if I could kill the dang wasp, it proceed to sting me not once but two more times on my upper arm......I SCREAMED!

For those of you who do not know, I have a history of BAD experiences with bees, wasps, mud dabbers, you get the picture. (Actually the week before this happened I was at the allergist being tested for bee sting allergies....I failed on the first test so they had to do a blood test to determine the extent of the allergies....we don't have the test results back yet and won't for quite some time.) I 50 mg of Benadryl later, a 911 call, a frantic call to Arthur's work requesting him to come home as soon as he arrived, two phone calls to Arthur FROM the 911 and paramedics found me quite loopy but doing just fine. So yes.....I am allergic to bees, wasps, yellow jackets, mud dabbers, bumblebees. Yes, my purse now weighs more since an Epi Pen is carried with me EVERYWHERE!

Trojans and Leaking Roof......our trusty computer started acting excessively weird that same evening. But it was not until the following day that I was able to discover through the help of my trusted computer advisor, Melissa and her wonderful hubby Sam that our computer is infected by a virus, a trojan and a worm! Yes, you read that correctly....all three!

At about the exact same time that I was discovering this nasty bit of news, I went outside on our wonderful screened in porch to rest on our couch.......WET! It has been raining quite a bit this week and our roof is leaking! Not just one spot but two!

So folks, no pictures available on this post of our beautiful girl because....well.....I just can't upload one right now. This will be my last post for awhile until our trusted computer (I need a name for this member of our family) is repaired and in working order. Neither will I have much email access so I will catch you all when I can.


BETHANY said...

Oh my goodness!! You need a scalding hot shower followed by a comfy pair of jammy pants, a great chick flick, and a bowl of ice cream. That's my favorite way to medicate against stress. :)

Melody said...

Wow - what an ordeal! I hope you get your computer up and running quickly - I'm lost without mine.

Hope those stings feel better quickly too. I didn't even know that mud daubers could sting until this past weekend....and here I was, thinking they were harmless. Ha.