Friday, January 4, 2008

Big Celebration Preparation!

Just thought I would share a glimpse of my day! I know that for some people the following may not seem like a major feat but for me.....a BIG FEAT!

By 5:30 AM the master bedroom has been picked up while Arthur slept through it all

By 6:00 AM Dacia Grace is dressed, hair combed and ready for the on the agenda....breakfast! Yes that time is correct!

By 6:30 AM I am showered and dressed for the day

By 8:00 AM the upstairs bathroom has been deep cleaned! The remaining pictures hung there. Already for the Big Celebration tomorrow!

By 9:00 AM the shower curtain liner is in the washing machine. AND the downstairs bathroom has been deep cleaned!

To what do I owe this good pleasure....

Well at o-dark 4:00 AM I hear....."the movie is off Mommy...I am ready for the Big Celebration!" There was no getting her to go back to bed regardless of the fact that her Big Celebration (i.e. birthday party) is not until Saturday afternoon!

On the agenda today is seeing the chiropractor as I wigged out my back earlier this week sitting on the floor at Arthur's office playing organize the papers with Dacia Grace. Then let's see .... pick up the birthday cake, clean kitchen, vacuum upstairs, dust mop downstairs, laundry, flip mattress and remake our bed, put away laundry, clean front porch, make hummus, cut up carrots, make dinner, make lemonade, make sure we have enough party favors for the guests.............. ! WHEW!