Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Who is Attle, Mommy?

Over the weekend, we went to Seattle for a short family getaway. While packing to go, Dacia Grace was trying to understand where we were going so she began to ask a number of questions.

"Are we going to Bible study, Mommy?"

"No, not Bible study."

"Are we going to church, Mommy?"

"No, not church."

"Are we going to Gramma Paula's"

"No, not Gramma Paula's."


"No, not Ellie's."


"No, not Zach's."

"Where are we going in Roger Dodger with Daddy?"

"We are going to Seattle."

"Who is Attle, Mommy!"

You just gotta love the understanding of a two year old! Arthur and I sure laughed at this conversation.

(By the way, for those of you who don't know who Roger Dodger is. Roger Dodger is our maroon Saturn that Arthur drives to work.)


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I'll have to check regularly for updates on this blog.

Jillian Weiss said...

Great blog. Just keep putting pictures of Dacia up and it will be the cutest blog. I'll keep checking it out. Jillian

Anonymous said...

Mary Lou & Arthur,

How cute a photo. We should bring you up to date on our family, too. But we do not have a blog, or know how to do it.

Phil & JoAnne are in the process odopting Skylar Anne. She was born February 15 at only 4 lb. 4 oz. As of two weeks ago she weighed almost 6 lbs. They have custody of this beautiful little girl. I will send you a photo (taken at 8 days old.) later. We are traveling to see her the end of April. Thanks for your family info.

Aunt Erma

Anonymous said...

Sam and I were just talking about you guys just the other day. Thanks for the pic and the update. I can't believe she's talking so much!


Dacia Dawn :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I can't believe she is talking so much already!!
Thanks for keeping me up to date on your beautiful family.
Phil Broyles

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including us. The Lord is so good.
Forever thankful you are my friend, Karen